Tesseract Share ™ is one of the major features we are implementing with the Tesseract – we feel it will allow for a social gaming experience unlike any other!

What Tesseract Share ™ allows players to do is share their customised control set up, this is everything from background image, to key mapping and even the sensitivity of each axis. This means that ordinary gamers will be given the chance to see how they match up against the professionals of competitive gaming.

What Tesseract Share ™ also allows if for us to build a close knit community of gamers from all over the world, regardless of skill level. By using Tesseract Share ™ gamers can be given a fair chance to finally win that MVP trophy.

It also means you don’t need to worry about getting hold of a new configuration for all the latest games: the Tesseract team will release one that our team of in house gamers recommend, the Tesseract community who are lucky enough to get hold of BETA keys will be able to configure and refine set-ups before the games are even out on general release!

We believe that Tesseract Share ™ will lead the way for a truly simple, social and fully configurable unique gaming experience. The process of using Tesseract share couldn’t be much simpler:

  • Create your configuration
  • Click the ‘Tesseract Share ™’ button on the control panel
  • Fill in the details listed, and make sure you give it an awesome name!
  • Click upload and wait a couple of seconds…Done!

And it’s that simple, join in the revolution of gaming control through Tesseract Share ™.



*Subject to change