Tesseract Piloting

Mirror Action

When we were all children we would dream of spreading our arms as if they were wings and taking off into the night sky like the dozens of planes above our head each night. Tesseract allows us to get pretty close to this aspiration of being a bird, or is it a plane? Or is it – Superman! Anyway you get the point, Tesseract works brilliantly when piloting a drone because it has the ability to move exactly how a drone or UAV would move.

  •  Push forward to accelerate and move closer to your target destination
  • Twist left and right to perform some crazy acrobatics
  • Tilt to the left to roll out of the way of those pesky pigeons!

The movements you perform with Tesseract are mirror matched with that which drones are capable of; it’s a perfect match!


There isn’t much to say about this point other than the Tesseract is completely portable, with its light weight and compact size you could probably fit it in your pocket! One of our stretch goals through our Kickstarter campaign will be to create a wrist strap, meaning you can use Tesseract as a wearable piece of technology! Perfect for taking a stroll around your back garden whilst taking your drone for its daily walk.