Tesseract Gaming

So why Tesseract?


The Tesseract is a device designed to be easy to use for those who may not be experts at gaming, but also for those who like to have full control over their situations and be able to get very in depth with how they control any given game.

The Tesseract control panel will ship with built-in configurations for almost every single game genre, and if we forget any just let us know and we can rectify this! What this means is that when you buy a Tesseract you can just plug it in, choose a genre and off you go.

These configurations will be built intuitively, with simplicity in mind. For example, you’ve just bought the brand spanking new Call of Duty – just select FPS (First Person Shooter) and off you go! To give you an idea of how easy the Tesseract will be to get used to, here are a few example controls for an FPS game.

  • Push forward on the Y axis, to move forward!
  • Twist left on the Z axis to rotate your player!
  • Elevate on the X axis to make your player jump!


We all know that the future of gaming lies within virtual reality technologies, what could feel better than experiencing a game like you are that main character. Driving a supercar, exterminating an alien invasion or emerging from vault 101 – these are all things that gamers want to experience first-hand through the use of immersive technologies, such as HMD’s (Head Mounted Displays).

Tesseract is a controller with immersivity lying at its heart. The last thing you want to worry about when taking on a wave of ravenous aliens as if they were your cat washing your face, is to worry about where the keyboard controls are to pull out your pistol and squeeze the trigger. With Tesseract, you can put all of the control you could ever need, right in the palm of your hand.


What is it that gamers desire the most, to kill their opponents or come first around that tricky corner? No, it’s the ability to be in full control of their gaming set up! Tesseract is the perfect controller for that. If you want to steer left by pushing forward – feel free although we wouldn’t recommend it!

You can even program Tesseract to adopt the actions of any keyboard command. Are your action bars full and you just can’t fit that ultra-new move on there? Why not map it to Tesseract’s mouse wheel, and have the ability to pop that cool down without stretching your hands inconveniently out of the way!