Here at Cojac, one of our main aims with Tesseract is interacting with the development community and getting our controller in the hands of developers, allowing them to develop games tailored to the unique control ability that the Tesseract provides.

We think that with all the possibilities Tesseract opens up, developers will be able to tap into a new world of game ideas and give players some awesome new experiences.

So what we will be doing for developers is as follows:

  • Create an SDK for the Tesseract which will work with consumer models – you can pick one up for work and pleasure!
  • Host a dedicated developers forum on our website for the community to help each other out
  • Organise a range of e-seminars to help get everyone to grips with Tesseract and how it works
  • If you are a Kickstarter backer – you will be able to get hold of our SDK 3 months before general release through our website!
  • It’s all going to be completely free

This means that you can back Tesseract today and begin developing for it straight out of the box if you wish.

And one more thing – the SDK will be on general release the same day that Tesseract starts shipping – this means you will be able to access the Tesseract SDK and start integrating it into your system prior to release – and with our support, we hope to be able to guarantee a stress-free day one of development.