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    Push Tesseract forward, your character moves forwards. Tilt tesseract to the left, your aircraft tilts to the left. It’s that simple. The movements of the character you control mirror the motion of Tesseract.

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    Tesseract gives you the edge over the competition with its greater level of sensitivity, efficiency of movement, and comprehensive configuration software.

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    Future Ready

    When you’re wearing a virtual reality headset, you are transported to another world. The last thing you want to be worrying about is where the reload key is. Tesseract puts complete control in the palm of your hand.


What can you do with Tesseract?

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    Tesseract is a brand new controller, designed with gaming at it’s core. We’ve found that Tesseract out-performs standard keyboard and mouse combinations 8 times of out 10,  in both online and offline racing, FPS and strategy games.

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    3D Design

    Although the Tesseract is designed with gaming at its core, it can still excel within other operations, one of these being 3D design. Our team of CAD specialists have found that the Tesseract allows for simple 3D scene exploration, through its intuitive design.

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    Virtual Engineering

    Tesseract is future ready; we’ve rolled out tests in the Daresbury Engineering Centre and found that Tesseract can be utilised for virtual engineering, allowing for fluid real world movements to be translated into the semi-virtual world.

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    Drone Piloting

    Imagine controlling a drone, where your exact movements are mimicked, allowing for full control, which is button free and extremely effective. It’s time to stop imagining, because this is possible with Tesseract.

Highly Customisable

With the Tesseract Control Panel, you have complete control over every aspect of the device. Keep it simple with the presets or dive into configuring the optimum sensitivity for each axis.

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  • Fine tuning

    Each axis can be tweaked to your precise needs, down to a scale of 0.1%


    Download a preset profile, create your own from scratch or mix and match by editing an already existing profile; Tesseract allows you to create as many profiles as your storage device can store.

    Fully Programmable Buttons

    Tesseract comes with 8 fully programmable buttons, assign them to key presses, joystick movement or along the x or y-axis of a mouse; the choice is yours.


Tech Specs

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  • Dimensions

    The Tesseract has been designed with comfort in mind, so we’ve put a lot of effort into making it exactly the right size. The Tesseract comes in at 13cm (L) x 8cm (W) x 4.2 (H)¹.

  • Axes

    The Tesseract allows for movement on all axis, to a range of 5mm from the origin. Each axis also has its own specific dead-zone, meaning you can change this to 2, 3 or 1mm of movement from the point of origin.

  • PC Requirements

    The Tesseract is not a demanding product on your machine, all you need is a Windows based PC, running anything from Vista upwards and space to store the control panel, which is no more than 60MB.

  • Miscellaneous

    • USB 3.0
    • Extremely durable materials – Long lasting
    • Plug & Play
    • Dimensions – 13cm L * 8cm W * 4.2cm D
    • Up to 8 Programmable Buttons
    • Fully Programmable Axis
    • 70MB Hard Drive Space for Control Panel and Drivers
    • Windows Vista & Above, including Windows 10

¹Tesseract is due for a 10% reduction in overall size.


  • Improved, ergonomic design – by a gaming centric design team
  • More intuitively placed buttons, and additional buttons for an even more customisable control experience
  • Tightened springs, providing an even more precise gaming experience
  • Wireless technology, with up to 250 hours play time on a rechargeable battery through USB 3.0 technology
  • The ability to switch between 2 on-board profiles with a flick of a switch
  • LED’s, because it wouldn’t say gaming without them!


Production Timeline

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    1. Before
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What is the Tesseract?

The Tesseract is a six-axis gaming controller, which has been designed to make gaming control more intuitive and simple.

What can I use the Tesseract with?

The Tesseract comes with a user control panel, meaning you can configure the Tesseract exactly how you want it, to give you a completely unique gaming experience, on any game.

*Tesseract works with any Windows based PC, Vista onwards.

What can be configured with the Tesseract Control Panel?

The Tesseract control panel allows you to configure a number of things; programmable buttons, sensitivity of axis movements, number of keystrokes registered per second and much more!

Where can I get one and when?

Once Tesseract is available, you will be able to pick one up right here!

Can I get one from anywhere in the world?

The Tesseract will indeed be shipping worldwide, subject to postal charges being incurred.

Praise for Tesseract